Daniel (Czech Republic)

After trying with 4 different teachers I had the opportunity to experience Diego’s warm and friendly personality. And also his professionalism, patience and passion for making his students better with every lesson. Diego is the best language teacher I have ever had.

Michele (United States)

I enjoyed all my weekly Spanish classes with Diego as my on-line teacher since April 2018 . He is always very well-prepared, friendly and punctual. I am a beginner level in Spanish, and Diego helped reinforce what I learned before and taught me new stuff with his very prepared plans.  I am very happy to have found him

Kate (Australia)

Diego is an amazing teacher. I have been trying to learn Spanish for years, both with face-to-face classes and online, but Diego is the first teacher who I’ve been really able to finally see real progress and my confidence develop. My colleagues confirmed I’m improving after a recent trip in Latin America. Diego’s focus on letting me talk and build my fluency has been very helpful, he keeps the topics relevant, and he’s well organised

Gustav (Denmark)

This spring I started having lessons with Diego and it has helped me a lot! Before my lessons with Diego I had trouble conversing in spanish, but after even a couple of lessons I started to feel much more comfortable speaking and understanding the language. Diego is both very professional and sympathetic which make the lessons not only helpful but also very pleasant

Rhona (Scotland)

Diego is an amazing teacher. He encourages me to speak solely in Spanish and is always there to help when I do not know the right word. We have great conversations on a wide variety of subjects which really hones my vocabulary and grammar. Before Diego started teaching me, I had no confidence speaking Spanish, but now, I have the confidence to speak with others and it is all down to his teaching method.

Alina (Romania)

Diego is always very well prepared. I like that the activities he suggests have more options. He is very patient, you can ask him what you don’t understand and he will explain it to you slowly and clearly. I highly recommend Diego’s online classes.

Shane (England)

I have really enjoyed my  lessons with Diego. I wasn’t sure what it would be like having Skype classes rather than face to face classes, but it works really well. Each session is structured so that I cover some grammar and vocabulary and also have a chance to practise my conversation skills. The variety means that the hour passes very quickly! It’s not easy studying a new language but Diego is very patient and encouraging 

David (United States)

I  am a lifelong language learner (proficient in Russian, German, Japanese). Spanish is a new project, and I could not have been luckier with my first and current instructor. I began studying with Diego in order to prepare for a trip to Spain. I studied for only two months before I arrived in Madrid, but with Diego’s help (and my own dedication of course) I was easily able to navigate the city without any difficulties.

Joergen (Denmark)

I started with a very little knowledge of Spanish. Diego encourages me to speak solely Spanish, and to use what I have learned. He does this by being supportive, motivating and patient.
From my first class I felt comfortable, and Diego made me speak Spanish. Diego is well prepared. Classes are funny, we talk a lot, and after each class, Diego has the ability to make me feel that I am in progress. Diego

Jean (England)

I have been having Skype lessons with Diego since the beginning of January.  As I am not a confident speaker, Diego has helped me in this respect, by the way he constructs his on-line sessions.  He is always punctual, prepared and helpful. He uses on-line resources with regard to our diverse topics of conversation and the lesson passes very quickly. Without doubt he has improved my conversational skills, as yesterday I attended a Spanish conversation